Darkness (2002)

Some secrets should never come to light
Horror • 88 minutes  5.4/10
Starring: Anna Paquin Lena Olin Iain Glen Giancarlo Giannini Fele Martínez Stephan Enquist Fermí Reixach and others.
Director: Jaume Balagueró Screenplay: Fernando de Felipe Jaume Balagueró Director of Photography: Xavi Giménez Producer: Brian Yuzna Julio Fernández Editor: Luis de la Madrid Original Music Composer: Carles Cases
Released • October 2, 2002

A teenage girl moves into a remote countryside house with her family, only to discover that their gloomy new home has a horrifying past that threatens to destroy the family.

A.K.A. AR: La séptima víctima  BR: A Sétima Vítima  DE: Darkness - Die Macht der Finsternis  JP: Dâkunesu  PT: A Sétima Vítima  RU: Тьма  SV: Oscuridad