Strange Circus (2005)

Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller • 108 minutes  7.1/10
Starring: Rie Kuwana Masumi Miyazaki Mai Takahashi Issei Ishida Hiroshi Ôguchi and others.
Director: Sion Sono Director of Photography: Yûichirô Ôtsuka Producer: Kôji Hoshino Toshiaki Nakazawa Toshihiro Satô Toshiie Tomida Editor: Junichi Itou Original Music Composer: Sion Sono
Released • December 24, 2005

The erotic novelist Taeko is writing a morbid story of a family destroyed by incest, murder and abuse. Her assistant, Yuji, sets on a mission to uncover the reality of this story, but the reality might be too much to bear.

A.K.A. FR: 奇妙なサーカス  JP: Kimyou na circus  PT: 奇妙なサーカス  RU: Странный цирк