Surveillance (2008)

A Film by Jennifer Lynch
Horror / Mystery / Thriller • 97 minutes  6.4/10
Starring: Julia Ormond Bill Pullman Pell James Caroline Aaron Hugh Dillon David Gane Gill Gayle Kent Harper and others.
Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch Screenplay: Jennifer Chambers Lynch Kent Harper Director of Photography: Peter Wunstorf Producer: David Michaels Kent Harper Marco Mehlitz Stephen Onda Editor: Daryl K. Davis Original Music Composer: Todd Bryanton
Released • February 8, 2008

Two FBI agents attempt to clarify the murders occurring in a desolate region. They approach the witnesses of the latest incident with the help of the local police. All of them hide something and all have wildly different stories to tell.

A.K.A. BR: Sob Controle  DE: Unter Kontrolle  ES: Vigilancia  PT: Sob Controle  RU: Наблюдение