The Big Easy (1986)

Her job is to expose a cop on the take. Putting him away won't be easy. Neither will letting him go.
Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery • 102 minutes  6.6/10
Starring: Dennis Quaid Ellen Barkin Ned Beatty John Goodman Lisa Jane Persky Ebbe Roe Smith Tom O'Brien Charles Ludlam and others.
Director: Jim McBride Screenplay: Daniel Petrie Jr. Director of Photography: Affonso Beato Producer: Stephen J. Friedman Editor: Mia Goldman Original Music Composer: Brad Fiedel
Released • November 27, 1986

A corrupt lieutenant in the homicide division is threatened by the righteous DA while trying to solve a string of mysterious murders.

A.K.A. DE: The Big Easy - Der große Leichtsinn  ES: Querido detective  FR: Le Flic de mon coeur  HU: Könnyed élet  PT: Acerto de Contas  RU: Большой кайф